Custom-Bilt Metals Redesign

Custom-Bilt Metals Redesign

After the success of the secure Warranty Management System we built, Custom-Bilt Metals approached us again to help them reimagine their website and online image. Working closely with their marketing consultant we researched the competitive landscape only to find not many in their industry had quality web experiences.  The old Custom-Bilt website was due for a redesign because it was not mobile-friendly/responsive and difficult for them to update themselves.

We decided to utilize their breathtaking photography and update their look with brighter colors in the design.  We also simplified the site map and tweaked their logo to give it a more modern feel.  During the design phase we focused on the mobile user experience to ensure their site performed well for their customers regardless of the device used.  Lastly we used WordPress as the content management system, devised a simplified way of adding projects and other related content to the site and supplied training to educate their content managers on how to maintain the site themselves.

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Programming: HTML/CSS, WordPress Integration, Responsive
CMS Platform: WordPress
Design: Desktop and Mobile Website