Custom-Bilt Metals

Custom-Bilt Metals

Custom-Bilt Metals had a warranty management process which revolved around Excel spreadsheets. New registrations would come in via fax, online and on paper. We were asked to help them streamline their process to free them of the administrative burden.

The system we built started with a plan to consolidate the processes in a secure online system that organized submissions and encouraged internal collaboration and information sharing.

We designed the user interface (UI) early into the process to ensure both the internal staff and customers had a clean, user-friendly means of interacting with the system. The UI design phase gave our client a preview of how the system would be used and we collectively refined the fields, data table elements and nomenclature.

Once the UI was completed we implemented it into the backend programming we were already working on.

The key features of this system are as follows:

  • Customers can securely submit warranty registrations online
  • Warranty requests are internally organized and tracked with statuses 
  • As submissions are processed, data changes are logged and available for auditing purposes
  • Internal notes can be added to document correspondence or other events related to the warranty request
  • Additional information can be electronically requested from customers to help complete their registration, thus cutting down on phone calls
  • Warranty PDF documents are dynamically generated based on various data points
  • Completed warranties are then electronically delivered to customers


Web Development


Client: Custom-Bilt Metals
Programming: HTML/CSS, PHP
Design: UI Design