Case Study

Focus Roundtable

Website Design & Build + Email Template Creation

Project Summary

Focus Roundtable was a new company with a plan, and they were looking for a partner to help them execute it. Working with their predetermined style guide, we designed and built them a custom WordPress site with database capabilities that is the hub of their business. A year later, they contacted us again to create a reusable custom email template, based in MailChimp.


About Focus Roundtable:

Focus Roundtable recruits research participants for focus groups and other qualitative research projects. Their audience is focus group participants and companies who need focus groups.

  • Sketch
  • Wordpress
  • Database
  • Mailchimp
  • Mobile & Website
  • User Interface
  • WordPress
  • MailChimp
focus Roundtable Website

Working Within a Style Guide

focus roundtable business cards

Focus Roundtable already had a logo, brand colors, and fonts. They needed a website design and a database management system.

We designed and built a custom WordPress website to bring their assets together into an easy to manage and user-friendly website.

* Focus Roundtable brand identity design by Official Brand Solutions

Quality Communication Makes a Project

No project is without its challenges. It’s how you communicate and respond to those challenges that determine if they become stalls in the project, or constructive leaps forward.

When we presented Focus Roundtable with the first round of designs, there were aspects they felt were not entirely right for them. They gave us constructive feedback, and with only one more round of revisions, we landed on the perfect design.

With Designs Approved, The Build Began

Focus Roundtable browser

Survey creation is a vital part of Focus Roundtable’s business. As a part of their website, we included Gravity Forms Survey, a plugin with functionality to create custom surveys and connect the surveys with participants.

We added custom code to prevent duplicate information from being submitted. Plugins called Ultimate Member and User Insights are utilized to organize the data collected from the surveys.

To make the survey creation process as smooth as possible, we built and styled survey questions of different types (example: multiple choice, open-ended, etc.). Each time a new survey is created, Focus Roundtable can select and edit the already styled questions.

The new website is the hub of their business. It’s where new users can sign up to be a participant in a focus group. Returning users login to view new survey opportunities. Focus groups are curated out of the participants stored in the website’s user database. Companies in need of research participants can connect with Focus Roundtable on the site to get the focus group they need.

We Build Relationships That Last

A year later Focus Roundtable came to us with a new idea. They wanted to communicate upcoming survey opportunities with their users through email.

We created a custom, modular MailChimp template, styled to match the website. Focus Roundtable can reuse the template and easily communicate with their audience.