Case Study

Lancaster BIA

Web Application Design & Development

Project Summary

The Building Industry Association of Lancaster County (Lancaster BIA) needed a better way to manage their awards program. We created a custom content management system and web pages for the program.

About Lancaster BIA

Lancaster BIA is a trade association for residential builders, remodelers, and related home and trade professionals. Members of Lancaster BIA can submit their projects for various award opportunities.

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  • Database
  • Vuejs
  • Laravel
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  • Custom CMS
  • Web Application
  • Vue.js
  • Laravel

The purpose of the web application is to make the awards program more efficient for administrators, judges, and applicants.

With the custom content management system (CMS) we created, each part of the awards program is accessible in one place.

Awards Portal Design

The application design is consistent with the existing Lancaster BIA site while also delivering a clean layout that showcases award opportunities.

Users can easily navigate the web pages and find what they are looking for with minimal distractions.

Awards Portal Development

To manage the awards program, we created and developed a custom content management system and web pages.

On The Back-End

The admin side of the web application allows administrators to add, edit, and duplicate awards. Applicants can submit entry forms, and judges provide their evaluations.

On the Front-End

The front-facing web pages we designed and built let users view award opportunities, categories, and rules.

A Flexible Approach

Finally, for the development phase of this site, we wanted to be flexible with the client’s request and be able to accommodate new features as the project continued.

So our project requirements were broken down into smaller phases allowing room for new ideas and innovation.

This development process was efficient and led to a project that met Lancaster BIA’s needs.

When Lancaster BIA reached out to us regarding their awards program management, we determined creating a custom web application to be the best solution.

Designing and building the web application in a flexible way allowed the project to flow smoothly and successfully.

As the awards program grows or changes, the application can be adapted to accommodate.