Case Study


Website Design & Build + Application Development

Project Summary

LEPCO’s website was static HTML, and their process for tracking dealer incentives needed streamlined. We designed and developed a custom WordPress site and created a central portal to manage and approve dealer incentive claims.



LEPCO is a wholesale distributor of quality outdoor power equipment, parts, and accessories. LEPCO handles nine major brands of power equipment and supply after-market parts to over 1,300 dealers in the northeast region.

  • Sketch
  • Wordpress
  • Database
  • Mobile & Website
  • User Interface
  • WordPress
LEPCO Website

Challenges & Solutions

We designed and built a responsive custom WordPress site. We designed layouts for desktop and mobile optimization.

We created a central portal, with login available through the website, to manage and approve incentive claims created by dealers. Dealers and managers have separate user access groups with custom functions and permissions for each role.

Web App Functionality Details

Segmented User Roles:

Salesperson Role

  • Submit a claim for any eligible incentive
  • View status of claim
  • View total amount paid
  • View account wide announcements

Manager Role

  • View the claim history of each salesperson
  • View the total number of claims and total amount paid at a glance

Admin Role

  • Create new incentives
  • Create custom claim templates
  • Create account wide announcements
  • Assign individual incentives to users
  • Organize incentives into groups for archiving purposes
  • Create and update users
  • View status of all claims
  • Approve or deny submitted claims



Almost 4,000 claims have been approved, and hundreds of thousands have been paid out.


Currently, there are over 250 active users.