Case Study

Men of Iron

E-Commerce Website Redesign & Build

Project Summary

Men of Iron’s website is a hub for connecting new and current members. They wanted a website redesign to showcase their mission and media through modern and clean design. They also wanted to expand their online offerings by opening an e-commerce store.

About Men of Iron

Men of Iron is a nonprofit organization with a mission of equipping men and growing Godly leaders through creating and sustaining 1-to-1 and micro group mentorships.

Key Features

  • Shopping Cart
  • Wordpress
  • Database
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce

Website Redesign

The website redesign for Men of Iron is modern with strong fonts and graphic elements.

The design showcases its library of media, from photography and videos to podcasts and articles.

Also included are clear calls to action to assist their users in navigating the site. User paths like “Director,” “Mentor,” and “Protégé,” were created to guide users to the relevant information quickly.

Designing with Direction


Men of Iron knew what they wanted out of their new website.

Within our first few conversations, we understood what functionality they needed as well as the overall design direction.


Working with a Style Guide

Men of Iron supplied us with their brand guidelines that included logos, colors, accents.

They communicated what graphics and elements from their old site they would like to carry over.

One of the graphics is a signature geometric pattern, included as an accent graphic in the new layout.

Website Build & Online Store

The site uses standards-compliant HTML5, CSS, and responsive programming techniques.

The website is built with a custom WordPress template.  Creating a custom template was the best option to eliminate functionality issues from the old site.

Also, we integrated Salesforce on the new website, to keep their form management process the same.

Throughout the project process, we discussed creating an online store. The store became a part of phase two of the project. Once the website was launched, phase two began.

For the store, we integrated WooCommerce. Using WooCommerce makes managing the store simple. Men of Iron can easily add, update, and remove items in their website admin area as well as process all orders that come through. Utilizing WooCommerce give Men of Iron a centralized location for the entire shopping experience from browsing to checkout and delivery.

Through the store, users can create a login and account to make purchases and track orders.

We were able to set Men of Iron up with an easy to manage and flexible website so they can focus on their mission and goals. The store and website can evolve as the organization does. We’re excited to see what Men of Iron continues to do with what we built!