Case Study

Moo-Duck Brewery

Graphic & Print Design

Project Summary

This project with Moo-Duck Brewery brings two of our passions together, graphic design and craft beer. We design logos for Moo-Duck’s brews and print them on boards that hang in their brewery, letting customers know what’s on tap. Learn more about our other projects with Moo-Duck.

About Moo-Duck Brewery

Moo-Duck is a family-owned and operated brewery located in Elizabethtown, PA. They handcraft all their beer, featuring taps that rotate and change seasonally.

Key Features

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Work

A Collaborative & Creative Process

We connected with Moo-Duck through the Elizabethtown Rotary Club. They were looking for a partner who could create brew boards, from logo ideation to the printed board when they craft a new brew. With our skill set of graphic design and printing, we were excited to accept the project.

When Moo-Duck creates a new beer they tell us the batch name, story, and a design concept if they have one. Then we mock up the logo and board and send it back for approval.

The collaborative and creative nature of this project is one that the client and we have both enjoyed. As Mark, our Director of Creative Services, said, “They’re into fun, unique, colorful. They’re thrilled when they see their ideas come to life.”

What's in a Name

Moo-Duck creates a unique and memorable name for each brew, with a story attached.

The brewer names each beer after an anecdote, song, something funny someone said, an inside joke, or what’s happening around them.

Some of our favorites include “Sitting with the Dog,” “My Toes Are Cold,” and “Nice-Hands.”

Crafting the Brew Boards

Once the label design is approved, we send it off to be printed on a PVC board. The brew board is hung in the brewery, so customers know what’s on tap that day. To date, we have created about 10 boards for Moo-Duck’s brews.