North Group Consultants

North Group Consultants

We were first asked by our friends at North Group Consultants to help them streamline their hiring process.  They were using a series of spreadsheets to track applicants for their hiring services division and then manually collecting applicant data and sending follow up emails.

Our custom solution was built in conjunction with their existing WordPress CMS to simplify data management and maintain a centralized, single sign-on for the staff at North Group.  The system allows their internal team to easily post of jobs on the website, each with their own SEO-friendly URL and set of attributes such as a date in which applicants are no longer accepted.  Applicants can fill out an online form which gets stored in a centralized database for processing. During the review process applicants have statuses assigned to them and when a decision is made, the system sends out personalized emails to them notifying them.  Our hiring database solution has helped their staff take on more hiring projects with the same number of people due to the efficiencies it has created.

After the hiring database was completed, we were asked to redesign their website. The website design was becoming dated and wasn’t mobile-friendly. Working closely with staff at North Group, we created a new site design that is warm, welcoming and friendly towards their content marketing.  Knowing how widely used mobile devices are on their website by their “on the go” client base, we created a responsive web design that is optimized for various device sizes.  In WordPress we custom-built a means to unify case studies with services and blog authors with team member pages to unify the content. Additionally we designed and programmed Campaign Monitor email templates to unify the new site design with their email marketing efforts.

Design Web Development


Programming: HTML/CSS, PHP, WordPress Integration, Responsive, HTML Email Template
CMS Platform: WordPress
Design: Desktop and Mobile Web, Email Templates