Case Study

Paradise Energy Solutions

Web Application Development

Project Summary

Paradise Energy Solutions needed an efficient way to manage project estimates. We built them a custom web application to streamline and handle the entire estimation process.


About Paradise Energy Solutions

Paradise Energy Solutions is a family-owned, full-service solar installation company that provides turnkey, grid-tied solar installations throughout the mid-Atlantic region for businesses, farmers, and homeowners.

  • Database
  • Desktop
  • Web App
  • User Interface

Challenges & Solutions

When Paradise Energy Solutions reached out to us, their process of creating and managing project estimates was done through multiple Excel spreadsheets and Word documents.

Updates were made by editing the document and copying it back to an internal server causing version conflicts and a lack of centralized control.

Additionally, estimating was a very manual process requiring staff to have a greater knowledge of the process thus increasing training/ramp-up time of new staff and a larger margin of human error.

We created a web application to handle the entire estimation process. As the app evolves and additional features are needed, Paradise Energy Solutions continues to reach out to us and we build them what they need, all within the app.

Web App Functionality Details

  • Pulls in customer to pre-populate as much information as possible including state information, utility information, discounts, incentives, tax credits
  • Admin area manages state specific text, state incentives, tax credits, materials
  • Pulls in other cost information from cloud service including employee costs, travel costs, parts with quantity level pricing
  • After a job is estimated, syncs information to CRM and generates pdf documents to google drive
  • After a project is sold, there is a process to create the next step in their lifecycle system


Quote Turnaround

The system has allowed for faster turnaround times from request for quote to quote delivered.


Growth in dollars of projects estimated has grown 30-50% year over year since launch.