Case Study


E-commerce Website Redesign & Build

Project Summary

Our hosting and maintenance client, VIZpin, became interested in utilizing more of our web services. We worked with them to develop their updated website design and build their e-commerce website.

About VIZpin

VIZpin is a complete Bluetooth smartphone access control system that requires no network connection.

  • Adobe
  • Shopping Cart
  • Wordpress
  • Database
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce

We were hosting and performing site maintenance work on VIZpin’s previous website when they asked us to do a redesign.

The website redesign goal was to update their look, showcase their products, and share what they do for their customers.

Website Redesign

Our design incorporates the VIZpin brand colors, with a clean layout that utilizes white space for optimal user experience. The VIZpin red highlights the buttons and calls to action to draw attention and promote action on the site.

Goals for the Redesign

A goal for the redesign was to communicate what VIZpin’s products are and what they do. The new website prominently features their products and case studies to achieve this. Sharing use-cases is the best way for their end clients to picture themselves using VIZpin’s product.

VIZpin wanted to communicate with customers how their app works, so we designed an easy to read, custom illustration outlining the process. Also, to create cohesion, icons are used throughout the site to guide users and quickly communicate information.

Website Development

The site uses standards-compliant HTML5, CSS, and responsive programming techniques.

We built a custom WordPress template for the VIZpin website. Creating a custom WordPress template means a more flexible and secure site. It also allows us to tailor the website to the clients’ needs.

E-commerce Integration

To support its online store, we integrated WooCommerce with WordPress.

WooCommerce is the right choice for VIZpin because product management is simple for the client and customizable for the front-end view. Their product offerings are easy to browse through, and WooCommerce makes it easy for the end client to buy.

Since VIZpin started as a hosting and maintenance client, we already had an idea of their business needs. That extra insight helped us create a website that fits their products, industry, and is easy to manage. As they explore more of our services, our knowledge of their business grows. We’re excited to see what’s next for VIZpin!