Mobile App Development

We believe mobile apps should be built cross-platform so they can target both Android and iOS devices. Our cross-platform app development capabilities allow each app to utilize a common codebase. This prevents the need to build completely separate apps for each platform and therefore reduces the overall project cost.

An App or a Mobile Website?

We often help clients navigate the decision making process of whether to build a mobile app or a responsively designed website. 

Typically mobile apps are ideal when a user has a login capability and their login session should persist on the device. We also lean towards an app approach when the project needs to utilize immediate messaging to the user (via push notifications), content creation, social sharing or user uploaded files.

If the project requirements call for in-depth web-based functionality and the mobile experience is intended to mimic what’s available in the desktop browser, a responsive website is typically the most efficient approach.

Let us know when you’re ready to discuss your mobile ambitions and we’ll see how we can help.