For Creative Agencies & Designers

For over a decade, we’ve been collaborating on projects with numerous ad agencies, marketing firms, fellow web designers and Internet marketers. We have even been able to build some of their own websites!

How It Works

These collaborations typically involve the creative agency maintaining the client relationship and managing the project’s lifecycle while engaging with our team members for the various technical aspects of the website project. We assist with the proposal, estimating and discovery processes and can even be a part of initial pitch meetings.

During the project we closely monitor the budget and project scope to ensure a smooth process and positive outcome. We work closely with account management and creative team members to ensure an open communication channel before, during and after the completion of the project. To streamline the process, our partners have direct access to our internal staff as well as a dedicated project manager.

Upon project completion we will prepare training manuals and even offer in person training to ensure the end clients (or representatives at the partner firm) have the skills needed to maintain their own websites or web-based databases.

Some of the services we offer to creative agencies include:

  • Custom WordPress theme and plugin development
  • Photoshop PSD layout slicing, programming and browser compatibility testing
  • Responsive web design and web development
  • Custom e-commerce application development
  • Data integration between disparate systems
  • White label web hosting
  • Mobile app development
  • Customer and sales team portals

What It’s Like Working Together

We take these projects very seriously. We acknowledge that not only our success rides on the outcome but also our partner agency’s success. Our creative agency partners feel at ease knowing they can rely on our in house web development team so that they can focus on their core competency of marketing, design, branding and user experience.

We like to be as involved as needed during the creative process but never get too deeply ingrained. Typically we will review and discuss layouts prior to the client receiving them. We try to not be overly involved in the design process to avoid technical considerations from driving design decisions. Plus, we like a challenge!

When requested we will sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to keep the work we’re doing under wraps. And even without an NDA, we still do not publicize the work we’re doing for our partners. In instances where we work direct with our partner’s clients, we are always operating within the area of services we’ve been hired to do. For example, when working with another web designer we will never do design work for a client, even when they ask us to. We politely inform the client that this would be a task their designer would handle for them and then offer to relay the request to them for completion. There’s never any concern of a client jumping ship and cutting out the partner.

From our flexible invoicing arrangements to our professionalism and to our extensive experience working “behind the scenes” (or directly) with partner clients, this arrangement really can be a “win win”. 

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