Our Mission is to create digital products that drive breakout growth for clients on the cusp of great things.

Our Values

Always We

Mile6 was founded on the idea that only together, with clients or coworkers, can we overcome “can’t”. We accomplish anything because we have each other.

Take Care of Our Own

We believe when we take care of our own, they’ll take the best care of our clients and each other. A leading metric at Mile6 is the growth of our teammates.

Authentic Joyfulness

Authenticity has become a commodity instead of a pleasure. We’re grateful for the opportunities, we’re excited about tomorrow, and we love what we’re doing today.

Adapt and Learn

We hold tight to our values but purposefully challenge our processes and offerings to always be cutting edge so our clients and partners are never stuck in the past.

Confidence is Earned

Respect is a given at Mile6, but we understand that confidence has to be earned. Entitlement has no home here.


No matter our differences, unique perspective, or how we perceive a situation, we prioritize believing the best and treating each other with respect.

Our History

Since 1996… Welcome to Mile6

For over 25 years, Mile6 continues to create digital products that drive breakout growth for clients on the cusp of big things. We are growth- centered, people-focused drivers of change. We are a team that makes the impossible, possible and who promote the daily expansion of knowledge for a wide range of disciplines. We trust and empower our team members to do big and great things in and outside of the day-to-day business of Mile6 for our world and clients like you.

Our founder, Tim Haak is an entrepreneur and internet veteran. In the mid-’90s, Tim began creating web pages for local businesses in Lebanon County and the surrounding area and founded Mile6, LLC. By 2005, Mile6 and his workload had grown, so Tim decided to work for himself full-time. Three years later he hired his first employee.

Today, Mile6 has grown into a team of passionate designers, developers, and industry specialists all working to elevate brands across the country. From the start, the mission has been to use our knowledge to build strong, long-standing relationships and help our clients succeed. Mile6 strives to foster an environment that supports teamwork and collaboration, consistently maintaining high-quality standards among our internal team and our clients.

We have the coolest desks in the biz… all across the country.

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