Driven by our clients’ success since 1996.

We’re a team with a shared passion for technology, creativity, and doing exceptional work for you.

The foundation of Mile6 was forged on dial-up.

Our founder, Tim Haak is an entrepreneur and internet veteran. In the late ’90s, Tim began creating web pages for local businesses in Lebanon County and the surrounding area and founded Mile6, LLC.

By 2005, Mile6 and his workload had grown, so Tim made the decision to work for himself full-time. Three years later he hired his first employee.

Today, Mile6 has grown into a team of passionate designers, developers, and industry specialists all working to elevate brands across the country.


From the start, the mission has been to use our knowledge to build strong, long-standing relationships and help our clients succeed.

Fostering an environment that supports teamwork and collaboration is essential. We consistently maintain high-quality standards among our internal team.

We want to hear about the challenges you’re facing and learn how we can be a part of the solution.

About Our Process


Share your challenge with us. Together, we decide which of our services best suit your needs. Then, we propose a solution and agree upon an ideal budget and timeline. After that, we begin our research and ask questions to learn about you and your goals.


Next, our team creates and builds an efficient and effective solution. Designs are inspired. Layouts get mocked up, developed, and tested. Applications assembled. Then, we present you with our work and ensure we meet your project expectations.


When you’re working with us, our focus is advocating for you. We do this by recognizing and solving potential challenges before they become problems. Communication is vital throughout the entire process. We contact you as we meet milestones, ask for feedback, and make adjustments when needed.


We don’t leave when you go live. Contact us with questions, and we are happy to assist. Training is available for any website or application we build. And if you have new ideas, we are always ready to hear them!