Breakout Growth Doesn’t Happen By Accident

We firmly believe that inconsistency is an expense… to both you and us.

And, even though we’re giving you a feel for how and why we do what we do, it’s important that after all that you read and digest below and elsewhere on our website, you understand that we’re really here to support you. We’re the seasoned guides helping you navigate the many responsibilities of your role and the opportunities to achieve greatness in the world of digital.

Make no mistake, our process works, but because of the visionaries, ground-breakers, and bar-raisers we help navigate the road of growth ahead of them.

There’s a New Way to Build Digital Products

There was a time when many web application, website, and mobile app design and development agencies didn’t think there was a way to avoid roadblocks and potholes on the road to a final product. Their problem? They view it as a “final product”. Allow us to illustrate…

The old way chart

The Old Way

You’re a passionate leader and you and your trusted team realize so much has changed but you’re still feeling the pain of your current digital products or not being able to bring a new idea to life.
So you search and find an agency to build it…
That average agency templates it out for you and for the most part… It’s fine. Yay!
But as a little time passes and your business and technology changes and grows…
The limits of what was built become more apparent and the shiny new digital product has aged rapidly…
Then you find yourself restarting this process from the ground up, again…
The new way chart

The New Way

The way we build digital products make it so life is better. The right way to build digital products isn’t a linear pattern like repeating wallpaper. No, forward moving iteration at every key stage makes it impossible to repeat mistakes or stagnate. Put simply, we’ll build you digital products faster, more efficiently, and for your growth.
Digital Product
Business Goals
User Goals

The Four Pillars of a Mile6 Digital Product:


At Mile6 we build relationships with our client partners, but we build products for the intended audiences. To do this we dedicate time to get to know your audience, internal and/or external, on a deep level. We focus on the user persona’s “what” (what task are they trying to complete), but also their “why” (what motivated the need to complete a transaction, task, or function). Once we’re all in alignment, we do everything we can to remove all obstacles from the path of accomplishing their and your desired outcome. At Mile6, we take an Agile approach to the design of applications and mobile apps and we take a waterfall approach to website design and development.


We understand your success, and that of any digital product, begins with great intuitive design based on solid strategy. The more complex your web application, website, or mobile app is, the more care must be taken in the design and development of it. And we’re great with making the complex possible. Good systems should not be launched and then rested on, they must be nurtured with continuous improvement. Each digital product design we create provides clear and concise paths for your user, internal or external, to follow to achieve their goals.


Our passion surrounding Development, and the Technology that binds it, reaches beyond the binary world of ones and zeros. We want to learn about the person that will be interacting with this application, website, or mobile app. Their aspirations, ideas or problems they would like to see solved become paramount to truly making the impossible, possible. We provide recommendations and insight into technical solutions we believe will not only achieve your vision but build upon it. Building an intelligent digital product (web application, website, mobile app, custom software, etc.) that’s a truly tailor-made solution, perfectly built to grow your business and unmatched by any out of the box solution.


Your future growth is incredibly important to us and we’re here for it. We’re building relationships for the long term, because well built digital products should include a plan for the future. Our growth services are the best way to ensure that your product continues to improve and evolve over time. Iteration is the heartbeat of growth. We believe that for a digital product to remain effective it must undergo constant improvement. This ensures that the digital product is always functioning, thriving, and secure. And, of course, we help you avoid the pattern of launch, stagnation, and rebuild.

Product Management

We take pride in the products we create and service. When you start your project with us, your product will have a designated owner on our team. It’s their whole job to make sure that every aspect of the project runs smoothly, and that the product functions up to our exacting standards from launch day into the future. We believe that the trust we build with our clients is integral in a product’s evolution over time, and that familiarity and ownership of a product is the best way to quickly deal with any issues that arise.

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