You won’t believe what you’re capable of with Mile6.

We’ve built our reputation on building and designing digital products from the ground up (or even enhancing existing ones) for over 25 years… but who’s counting.

Experience has taught us that great digital products are made when we consider the end user through every step. Whether we are building web applications, websites, mobile apps, or managing hosting and support, we aim to use our decades of experience to provide joyful experiences for anyone who interacts with our products.

Website Design & Development

Our in-house team of UX web designers and web developers approach our website projects in a highly collaborative nature throughout the entire project lifecycle with you. We involve our developers during the strategy and creative processes and our designers during development. Each team member brings their experience crafting buyer-focused digital products to deliver the best product for you. Since we construct websites with such a focus on the buyer, our releases are purpose-built for our client’s goals. Not to mention the technology is state of the art, low bloat, and easy to use and integrate with.

We don’t make the mistake of building cookie-cutter, opinion-based websites that are cheap to ship for the sake of being cheap. We understand that a new website for your business or organization is an investment that needs to do more than provide a return, it needs to transform your business. Your Mile6 crafted website will grow and adapt to meet your evolving needs so you aren’t held back and stuck in the past. It’s time that, together, we grab future growth now and break out from the linear restrictive model of recurring website builds.

Web Application Development & Design

When you need a custom web application for your business it can be an overwhelming process to plan and prepare for every variable and function. We believe in an iterative approach to building complex systems. With decades of experience, we are prepared for the inevitable shifts in priority that happen during the development of a piece of software, and once the product hits the real world. To do this we develop software with the Agile method. We start by developing a deep understanding of your users and we focus on their needs throughout design and development. 

We aim for full transparency and participation from our clients throughout. By combining your knowledge of your business and our expertise in strategy, design, and development we create a product that is ready on launch day but also has plans for the future. Our goal is to build software that never needs to be rebuilt from the ground up again.

Mobile App Development & Design

The constraints presented by mobile applications are specific and unique. We take great care to ensure that our mobile apps are functional in design, intentional and intuitive in user experience, and lightweight in development. Our team of experts will help demystify the process by providing you step by step, honest status updates during design and development phases of your project.  Mobile apps developed by Mile6 undergo a rigorous QA process to ensure that they function cleanly on all necessary devices, that each user has a fast and intuitive understanding of the system, and that the app is acceptable for sale and download in the Apple App Store (iPhone apps) and the Google Play Store (Android apps). We work with cutting edge tools to ensure a smooth launch, and provide you with a plan for an adaptive future.

Hosting & Support Services

Nothing is more disruptive to a business than when the website or app goes down. We understand how stressful it can be when these types of disruptions happen. Our managed hosting and support ensures that your site or application is hosted on the most cutting edge hardware, and that it’s regularly optimized and updated to deliver your system to its users as fast and functional as possible. Of course, there’s no guarantee that a site will never experience technical issues, but our team of support professionals have seen it all before and you can rest easy that a knowledgeable and experienced team won’t rest until things are working again.

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