Considering a career at Mile6?

Team members at Mile6 are knowledgable, hardworking, and, most importantly, kind. We are a fully remote company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, with team members from all over the USA.

We thrive in an environment of collaboration and believe that our best work is created with input from everyone in the group. This is possible with the open, honest, and engaged support of our leadership team, who are committed to being as approachable as any other team member.

Culture at Mile6

  • We are adamant about maintaining a healthy work-life balance and having fun while taking the work we do seriously
  • During our projects we embrace collaboration within our internal team
  • We’re not a company full of managers but a company of doers
  • We’re constantly researching, learning, evolving and growing individually and as a team
  • We aren’t afraid to try new things
  • We offer competitive pay, full benefits including a 401(k) with match, flexible hours and the ability to work from home

Available Positions

Product Manager