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While there is some debate over what range of revenue falls in the Middle Market (anywhere from $5 million to $1 billion, depending on who you ask), two things everyone should agree on are a) Middle Market companies sit between Main Street businesses or venture capitalist funded startups, and huge, multinational corporations and b) Middle […]

At this point in 2023, we all understand every business uses digital communication to reach customers and clients. It’s the norm for businesses and consumers to utilize websites, apps, social media, and emails. With the shift to online banking, apps, and automated customer service systems, the finance industry has become increasingly reliant on digital platforms, […]

That Inevitable Moment Whether it’s a website, web application, or mobile app, every business relies on its digital products in the same way they rely on real world assets like its building, vehicles or staff. Smart businesses know that just like physical assets, digital products require regular attention and maintenance and occasionally replacement. The process […]

What is a digital product?

A digital product is anything that has a software component to it that a human being interacts with. When most people think of digital products they initially think of websites and mobile apps, and while that is accurate there are a whole host of other things that also count. For instance if you’ve ever ordered food from a digital kiosk you’ve touched a digital product. When you withdraw money from an ATM you’re engaging a digital product. Our world is completely full of them to the point where it’s nearly impossible for the average person to go through a day without engaging with dozens of digital products. We at Mile6 love how technology has improved most every part of our lives, but we also believe that so much of our modern cultural frustration comes from carelessly designed and executed human/computer interaction. It’s our mission to improve that relationship wherever we can.

What is agile development?

Agile Methodology is an iterative cycle of planning, building, delivering value, and receiving feedback to continually improve a product. The methodology requires practices be carried out by a collaborative and self organizing team that work in consistent, fast paced, and adaptive, time boxed events to constantly deliver value to a client or end user. Mile6 values the Agile Scrum methodology because it allows our team to adapt quickly to the reprioritization of a product’s features as our client’s business, economical, or technological needs change. Utilizing Agile creates the expectation that a product should be evolving as the business and industry require, thus creating long lasting relationships with our clients and their users.

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