Here at Mile6, we always make things easier for our clients and partners. So in order to make the RFP process easier for you, we’ve created this form. It’ll walk you through everything we want to see in a “Request For Proposal”.

RFP Form

What’s the name of the organization we’ll be working with?
Key team members for this project
This area should contain major stakeholders in the project, and anyone who has approval or veto status. To add more people simply click the + button
Send us what you have so we can get a better idea of who you are. This is a great place to put your brand guide or an of the PDF materials you feel best represent who you are as a company.
Max. file size: 50 MB.
Project objectives
Why do you want to do this project, and what are you hoping to accomplish? What technological steps forward are you hoping to take with your new project? How will the new digital product improve the experience of your customers and users? How will it advance your companies brand? To add each objective click the + button.
To whom would we direct any questions? What is the preferred method of communication? Please include phone numbers and email addresses

Scope of Work

Outline for us all the things that you need done on the project. Be sure to be as specific as possible. First explain how you expect the project to go. We normally work in 3 distinct project sections, Discovery, Design, and Development. Try to outline what your expectations are for each phase. What research would you like us to do, what technology should we brush up on, and what are your current tech requirements. How many pages are you expecting to see wireframes and designs for? This is where you mention things like integrated CRM’s, Ecommerce requirements, etc. Give us a good broad overview in this section. It’s usually 1-3 paragraphs.
We have a set of things that we expect to deliver for every project which includes; a heuristic review of your current website, a set of user personas for whom the product will be built, a market comparison document that highlights good and bad points from other prominent people in your industry, a detailed site map showing all pages and subpages, a set of Mood boards that helps us begin design with a clear direction, a predetermined set of wireframes of key pages and sections on your website, a corresponding set of page designs and prototypes, a website style guide, and of course a completed digital product. If there’s anything else you’re expecting to have as a deliverable for your project this is the place to mention it.
Use this section to outline the RFP timeline. If you’re filling out this form you won’t need to include the issue date but we would love to have a date for a submission of questions, a range of dates for any meetings that we may need to clarify anything, and a final date for RFP submission.
Use this section to describe what the process looks like after we have submitted the RFP. How many people will be involved in selection, when will we meet to discuss the proposal and answer questions, and what do you expect from that meeting ie: a slide presentation, who should be on the call. What are your criteria for selection (we really love it when people outline their priorities for us like “price is the top priority”, or “we are most interested in working with someone with experience working with Hubspot”. Finally, who do we submit the RFP to and in what format.
Do you have any special requirements regarding submission format. How many case studies would you like to see? How many references are you looking for? Do you have any terms and conditions that need to be addressed?