Benchmark Construction Regional General Construction Company

A partnership built on trust

Benchmark Construction needed to update its web presence to reflect its increased scale, reach, and capabilities. We have worked with Benchmark for years maintaining and making minor updates to their old site. That partnership laid a foundation of trust and collaboration that was everpresent from kickoff to launch day. We believe long-term relationships and focusing on client goals as well as user experience makes for great digital products.

Structure and Growth

Benchmark is known for its ability to tackle massive projects in a wide variety of markets. From hospitals and senior living facilities to education and commercial real estate development, Benchmark rises to some of the most demanding challenges. We wanted their website to reflect this. Throughout the site, there is a focus on scale, height, structure, and balance. Much like the architecture of a building, it is meant to support the content in a minimal and elegant way, never seeking to be decorative or overstated.

A framework to build on

It was important for us along every step of the design and build process that everything felt balanced and natural. The site features a two-column layout occasionally interrupted by simple but impactful visual elements. We were inspired by the internal steel structures of the buildings that Benchmark creates and the architectural flourishes and cladding that make them feel unique.

Typefaces & Colors