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Welcome Home

GPAR (Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS®) has reached a point of breakout growth, its membership at an all-time high. Now they need a website to support those users. Their goal is to maintain membership, make their website a valuable resource for their users, and communicate the value of a membership with GPAR to current and potential members.

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A Solid Strategy

GPAR focuses on its members, and those members depend on GPAR as a network and support system, guiding them through becoming a REALTOR© and maintaining a successful career.

GPAR had pain points with updating their current site, and with a move toward more virtual events, they needed the functionality to support a more robust event calendar. To best serve GPAR’s needs and its users, our strategy for the GPAR redesign was to update: update content, design, and build.

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A Sitemap with Good Flow

Starting with a robust and user-centric strategy, we reorganized the site from the ground up. Over time the site had more and more valuable information added to it, but the organization of that information began to be less intuitive and more bloated.

Through our user persona exercise, we knew that GPAR had an influx of users who would be just starting their journey as a REALTOR©. We decided to recommend a new page on the site, “Steps to Membership.” The page’s purpose was to guide a REALTOR© to relevant information, no matter what stage they are at in their career.

By taking the site down to the studs and revisiting the sitemap for areas of improvement, we created a redesigned site that is move-in ready for members.

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