Horizon Website Redesign


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Get Involved

Horizon is evolving through a rebrand and reaching new realms with its mission. To support this growth, they are ready for an upgrade in website design, structure, and speed. We’ve had the privilege of working with Horizon for a number of years, helping them with pieces of their site maintenance, and we are ready to carry out a total website redesign and build. Their goals are to convey their mission and impact and engage both current and new supporters through their site.

Increase Speed, Increase Impact

An exciting opportunity of the rebuild was the chance to significantly improve the site’s speed using the tried and true techniques that we implement on all our website builds. And as we all know, a site is much more enjoyable to use when it is fast. Using WordPress and Gutenberg in a site rebuild removes the need for other, often bloated site builders while getting a great page-builder experience. In addition, updating systems and plugin stacks, utilizing caching strategically, minifying CSS files, image compression, and converting images into web format all led to a drastic increase in page speed and a better site experience for all.

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Brand New Start

Horizon had undergone a brand and messaging revamp that needed to be reflected in the new site design. The new branding was implemented and even developed further as the website took shape and offered a unique opportunity for the two to impact and influence each other. As a part of the redesign project, we focused on clarifying and improving the site architecture. Through this redesign the goal was to refresh and reorganize the site to fit the brand evolution, leave room for future growth, and reach and engage more with Horizon’s audience. .

Typefaces & Colors