Perfect Image Regional Online Retailer

Refining and Image

Perfect Image Camera is a premier local and online dealer of cameras and camera equipment. Over the last few years due to the resurgence of film photography and growth in custom printing, they saw huge growth in online sales. This increase made the shortcomings of their website obvious and they reached out to us to help them streamline and simplify several different digital systems into a more cohesive user experience.

A User Snapshot

Together with the Perfect Image team we created a detailed persona for each user type and mapped their preferred path through the site with a focus on their final goal always in mind. Then we reorganized their content and designed the site to put the preferred action in front of the right user right when they need it. A deep understanding of user behavior, provided to us by the Perfect Image team, was vital to creating a user experience that encourages engagement and return users.

Technology That's Always Evolving

The Perfect Image online ecosystem incorporates multiple different systems for the myriad needs of the business. There are different systems for ordering prints, servicing used gear, rental, and online purchasing. Our dev team worked tirelessly to weave all of these systems together in a way that is seamless on the front end and as painless as possible on the back end.

Typefaces & Colors