Unique Snacks A one of a kind eCommerce experience

Illustration of a desktop screen of Unique Snacks home page

Updating a generational brand

Unique Snacks, a sixth-generation, family operated business, specializes in pretzels and snacks of eclectic flavors. On their new site, Unique Snacks wants to let their brand shine and enhance the eCommerce experience for customers. Updates we implemented for design, content organization, and user flow were determined through customer research, on-site data gathering, and user feedback.

Built for online sales

We reached out to Unique Snacks with a proposal for a new website, backed by user and industry research. They responded with enthusiasm to our ideas and felt the timing was right, so we began our digital product creation journey.

The new site is built using WordPress, our go-to content management system. It’s straightforward for the client and flexible for us, allowing our developers to build a custom website tailored to Unique Snacks requirements.

WooCommerce supports the eCommerce functionality. The online store, order notification system, customer account management, connection to order fulfillment are all handled through WooCommerce.

Illustration of mobile device screen showing Unique Snacks history timeline page Illustration of mobile device screen showing Unique Snacks home page Illustration of mobile device screen showing Unique Snacks shop page

A Unique Timeline

Unique Snacks possess a strong, and yes we’ll say it, unique brand identity. To craft the design, we let the Unique products, brand voice and tone lead the way. As Unique Snacks was in the process of adopting new packaging design and logos, visual cohesion off and online informed our redesign. The website visuals, like their products, are charming and satisfying, with a dash of quirky.

Typefaces & Colors

Typeface Shrikhand used in headings, titles and labels
Typeface Jost used in body text






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