Yuengling Brewing Company

Intranet Development

Illustration of a desktop screen of Yuengling intranet dashboard

Yuengling Innovates, Technology Updates

In 2006, Tim connected with Yuengling and we continue to be a part of their journey today. Along the way it’s been a rich blend of software and website development that yields impressive results.

Working together continues to be a rewarding experience. We get to improve on the systems we’ve built as new technology is developed and as Yuengling’s business evolves. Not to mention the excitement that comes from providing solutions for a classic and iconic company!

Yuengling's logo set on a white background

A Taste of the Tech

  • An Intranet site built for wholesalers to place orders in an ecommerce environment that integrates into Yuengling’s accounting software.
  • “Business Plan” guide that wholesalers complete to assist with their budgeting.
  • Added a “Program Planning” feature that determines how Yuengling goes to retail from a marketing standpoint.
Illustration of a mobile device on the Yuengling Intranet new account sign up screen Illustration of a mobile device on the Yuengling Intranet login screen

Technologies Change, Relationships Remain

We truly value our relationship with Yuengling; that they can come to us with seemingly daunting tasks, knowing we’ll find solutions.

Our working relationship embodies our mission as a company: connect with clients where they’re at; provide solutions to propel them forward.

Yuengling explains our relationship best when they say, “We have a need, and Mile6 solves the problem.” Our meetings with Yuengling are full of the best questions, “We want to do this, is it possible? How do you propose we get this done? Can these systems be connected?”.

Typefaces & Colors

Typeface Veneer used in headings
Typeface Avenir in brand brown used in headings, descriptions, and labels







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