We serve clients in various industries and work very closely with them throughout the creative process. We start by using as much input as our clients can provide as our initial creative direction. This could be as much as sample works, magazine ads and color schemes or as little as a simple statement such as “make it modern”. We research competitors, review intended audiences and discuss the website’s ultimate goals to ensure what we are producing is as effective as possible.

Website Design

At that heart of what we do creatively is website design. It’s how we got our start way back in the mid-1990s and to this day it remains our biggest design service. Thankfully web design has evolved since those humble days and technologies have advanced.

Mobile Web

Mobile website design is a natural extension of traditional web design. Successful websites need to not only look great on desktop and laptop computers but also on smartphone and tablet devices. During our creative process we start designing the desktop experience. Once we have client approval on that design we move on to design the mobile experience.

Web Redesign

Most of our clients come to us with an existing website that needs an overhaul. In our experience, as websites age information starts to get cluttered, navigation menus grow out of control and old, irrelevant content is abundant. We use the website redesign process as an opportunity to not just revive the online experience but to do some much needed content housekeeping. We will reevaluate the site map, consolidate sections that have limited information, remove outdated pages and identify new areas that may be missing from the website.

Part of our redesign strategy is to not completely turn the user experience upside down. We acknowledge that sites with rich histories have a user base who have grown accustomed to finding information a certain way. So one of our jobs during a redesign is to be mindful of that legacy by finding the best compromise between a new, logical information architecture and one that addresses some conventions of the old site.

Logo Design

In addition to website and mobile web design, we also offer logo design services. A great time to reevaluate your logo is during the beginning phase of a website design project. We start by getting to know your brand, identifying your customer base and discussing the overall direction for the logo. We will create five to ten different possibilities for your logo to continue the discussion. Then we’ll request your feedback on the different choices and work with you to narrow down the options. At the conclusion of the review phase we are typically left with one or two variations. We’ll make adjustments to those logo versions and arrive at your final logo. Once completed we’ll then utilize the logo in the new website design and supply you with the logo in various file formats for use in other mediums (e.g. business cards, signs, advertisements).

User Interface (UI) Design

Some of our most carefully crafted work is done behind the scenes in various internal business systems we’ve built for our clients. Our design team works hand-in-hand with our developers to create a user-friendly and intuitive UI. Our client’s staff and possibly customers will be spending a large part of their day using the systems we build and we want to ensure they are as easy to use as possible. We also don’t want the onboarding process for new hires to be hindered by an ineffective UI. So we carry out a creative process for the UI just like we would for a public-facing website. Once completed and approved our development team will implement the UI into the application they are already constructing.