When you hear the word agile, what other words come to mind? Quick, responsive, efficient – using an agile approach in digital product creation is all of those things.  Agile is a project management methodology widely used across software development teams. Mile6 uses the agile methodology to have a high functioning, efficient, collaborative, and, dare […]

When it comes to decreasing web page load times, optimizing images on your website is a fantastic place to start. “Okay, great,” you say. “I’ve got a site full of images. I have a page speed issue.” Let’s start with… What is Image Optimization? The technical definition is decreasing an image file’s size to improve […]

Why Go with a Custom WordPress Theme over a Pre-built Theme? We hear this question a lot, and it’s a valid one. First, let’s explain what a custom WordPress theme is. A custom WordPress theme is designed and developed specifically for your website with the functionality you need and your business goals in mind. A […]