Created Just for You: Custom WordPress Themes

Why Go with a Custom WordPress Theme over a Pre-built Theme?

We hear this question a lot, and it’s a valid one.

First, let’s explain what a custom WordPress theme is.

A custom WordPress theme is designed and developed specifically for your website with the functionality you need and your business goals in mind. A custom theme has a design and layout unique to you without the limitations or constraints of a pre-built theme.

Here are some reasons we build custom WordPress themes:

Together we come up with the right fit. The layout we create is designed to fit your content. Your website layout or design doesn’t have to be dictated by the limitations of a pre-built theme. This extra flexibility allows us to make design choices that reflect your brand. Your website stands out from the competition when users can experience and recognize your authentic online presence. 

You get well-written and low bloat code when we develop your custom layout. Quality code means a secure, faster, more efficient website for you and your users. Pre-built themes can come with extra features you don’t need. That additional code leads to unused functionality that could compromise your website down the road. And who has time for that!

We develop with your future in mind. A custom theme can be scalable and built to accommodate changes. As your business evolves, so can your website. Your website should work with your organization and overall workflow. With a custom theme, you can get the functionality used in your business operations built into your site.  

If you need a WordPress site that allows for optimum customization and flexibility, then a custom WordPress theme is the way to go. There’s plenty more to know about custom themes; we have only scratched the surface. The investment is worth the stability and peace of mind, not to mention you get a website unique to you! Contact us today if you are considering a custom WordPress theme for your business.