Case Study

Yellow Submarine Coaching

Logo Design

Project Summary

A client of ours reached out to us for the logo design of his new business venture. We were excited to create a standout logo and style guide concepts for a new business with a name as unique as Yellow Submarine.

About Yellow Submarine Coaching

Yellow Submarine is a company that offers business coaching and advising to those looking to grow or start their own business.

Key Features

  • Logo Design
  • Print Design
  • Adobe Illustrator


Logo Design Process

Yellow Submarine let us take the lead with design direction but knew they wanted a submarine and the color yellow to be a part of the logo.

The name of the business came from the founder’s love of the Beatles, so it made sense to pull colors from the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine album.

Finding the Yellow Submarine

When the founder of Yellow Submarine meets with clients, he wears a Hawaiian shirt. It’s important to him that his clients have fun, but also learn a lot from their sessions.

Professional & Playful Design

The logo reflects the business’s professional nature and the owner’s vision to share advice in an informal environment. It was a fun challenge as a designer to walk the line between professional and playful.

In the end, we sent a few different logo mock-ups to Yellow Submarine for approval. The versions featured various submarine icons, letter icons, and typography choices.

Finalizing the Logo & Style Guide

The final logo features a modern sans-serif typeface, bright colors, and a playful submarine icon.

We created a logo style guide to help Yellow Submarine make decisions about swag and marketing materials. The style guide includes different logo color variations and when it’s best to use them.

Creating a logo and style guide are some of the first steps in building a brand. As Yellow Submarine continues to develop and grow, we will be there to assist on whatever projects arise!